5 Weird Facts Why Videogames Can Be Good For You

The debate about whether video games are useful or harmful originates from those ancient times. Most people consider computer plays to be the cause of many mental and physical problems – even despite the lack of convincing scientific evidence for this. 

However, times are changing, and today there is a sufficient amount of professional research on the usefulness of games online. Before you start reading, remember – there must be a measure in everything. No benefits of playing games justifie a daily ten-hour immersion in the virtual world. So, let’s look at some non-obvious facts in this article, why videogames can be useful for you.

Slowing Down Aging

Everyone is getting older, and unfortunately, this is inevitable. Just as physical education will make you feel ten years younger at sixty, so the brain can be “kept in shape” with the help of video games. 

There was an interesting investigation. Here you can see some information about it:

Who?  Scientists of the University of Iowa
Subject of research 680 people aged 50 years and elder
Result 10 hours of computer games for 5-8 weeks is enough to compensate for the effects of brain aging in 2-6 years

Thus, spending time at play can be an alternative way for improving health

Social Adaptation 

Imagine the image of a typical gamer. Surely, you will award him the following characteristics: 

  • antisociality; 
  • depression; 
  • passivity.

Scientists from three different universities in the USA and the UK have found that gamers who take part in public life are very sociable and friendly. The average player nowadays interacts very actively with society. The researchers also found that a shared love of games can be the basis for a long and happy family relationship.

Improving Hand-eye Coordination

There are many professions that require more developed motor skills than an ordinary person. For example, surgeons hone their skills and conduct virtual training operations for this purpose.

Scientists from the University of Texas School of Medicine were interested in who would be better able to perform such an operation – a schoolboy, a college student or a practicing doctor. The researchers were surprised when it turned out that high school students who spent at least 2 hours a day playing video games did better than the rest.

The Opportunity To Earn Real Money

More recently, the idea of making money on the Internet was absurd. However, by modern times, the income of some video game players reaches several thousand dollars. Sounds tempting, right? 

They earn mainly on video slots on various casino sites. Bookmakers provide a great range of games on various topics, including jungle or adventure. The list of plays is very different and will allow every gamer from the UK to find something to their liking:

  • poker;
  • blackjack;
  • slot machines;
  • roulette;
  • lotteries, etc.
  • mrq bingo

By the way, some casino games for fun allow you to play for free, without making a deposit. This allows the user to familiarize themselves with the functionality of the site. But note that in this case it will not be possible to withdraw money to the wallet. The minimum bet reaches only $ 10 (or the equivalent currency), which allows you to take advantage of the chance to hit the jackpot with small investments. Do not forget that the winnings need to be wagered according to the wager (it is different in each casino – from 10 to 100).

Speed Of Decision-Making

In a study by Sean Green, there were two groups:

  • a first group of young people with no computer game experience played 50 hours of first-person shooter;
  • the second group was offered a leisurely strategy. 

It turned out that shooters that require attention to objects that suddenly appear and disappear on the periphery of the field of view significantly improve the so-called “low-level perception” and really speed up decision-making. Do you want to think fast in emergency situations? Play video games!

Thus, playing video games is completely unique. It is a useful entertainment and develops a lot of useful skills for the user. Play, earn and plunge into the world of new exciting sensations!